Monday, September 28, 2009

Our First Weekend With Sam

Our first weekend was one of learning and growing as parents as you can imagine. We spent the weekend with numerous feedings, diaper changings and unfortunately not a lot of sleep for all involved. But overall it was an incredibly special and delicate weekend - one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. I am sure that one day we will laugh at just how difficult it was to bathe a screaming and kicking 3 day old boy but for now we will use it as a stepping stone.

Sam is doing very well. At his doctor's checkup today we were pleased to learn that he has already gained back 4 ounces that he had lost after birth. He seems to have the appropriate number of poopy diapers although he isn't burping quite enough for Mommy's taste (I seem to think decreased burping is a good thing).

I am still getting proficient in all things Daddy. Today I gave myself a D- in packing the diaper bag. I put three size 2 diapers in the bag instead of the "N" size newborn diapers. Needless to say after he let one loose he ended up sporting some low riders after the diaper change. All was well and a repeat messy bottom thankfully held out until we arrived home.

Time to catch up on some much needed sleep while watching some college football.

The pack-and-play bassinet is one of Sam's favorite places to nap.

Cheyenne seems to have accepted Sam into the family. She'll fall in love once he starts to eat real people food and gives her some.

Who Dey! Sam was instrumental in bringing some much needed luck for the Bengals win on Sunday over the hated Steelers!

Our good friends Ben and Stephanie stopped by to meet Sam.

We're constantly amazed how strong Sam is for a 4 day old baby. He can almost hold his head up by himself and will kick a beer out of your hand if you aren't paying attention.

Sean and Anna also stopped by on Sunday to meet the little guy.

That Bengal game wore me out!

Another long night leads to daytime napping whenever possible.

Ahh, this is the life. Nothing to do but eat, poop, sleep and grow.

Sam is still getting the hang of the bouncy chair. It definitely does not cure the hiccups.

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  1. Sam is absolutely adorable! Good work, Leah and Adam. Love all the photos and look forward to seeing many, many more.