Sunday, November 15, 2009

UK football and the Bengals

This past week UK football became bowl-eligible and the Bengals swept the hated Steelers. Coincidence? I don't think so. Sam continues to bring excellent luck to all of our sports teams. Up next is the UK basketball team where Sam is sure to continue working his magic!

Sam did a great job keeping his dad company while catching up on the latest in infectious diseases.

Sam is getting stronger every week.

Cheyenne has absolutely been wonderful. She doesn't seem to mind Sam at all and this week actually licked his head.

Sam has some curl in his hair - especially right after his bath.

Mom and Sam sharing some quiet time before a nap.

Sam is "Daddy's All Star"

Grandpas and Grandmas got to see Sam play under his Jungle this week.

Grandma Pat tried her best to get Sam to sleep. It worked for a while.

Grandpa Terry and Sam look good in their matching t-shirts.

Dad is absolutely ecstatic after the Bengal win over the Steelers. As you can see Sam got so excited that he passed out.

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