Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sam's Snow Days

Sam is getting big fast and we are enjoying the cold winter days that we have with him while he's still a little guy. He has really started to like using his round exersaucer. He also is getting even better at standing (with a little help). We are still feeding him cereal with improved results. He loves seeing his Grandpa and Grandma every Friday when they come down to take care of him for the morning.
Look at me! I can stand!
Sshhh. Baby sleeping.
Sam had his first cold last week. Luckily his teddy bear kept him company.
Mom propped Sam up a little with his boppy while he had his cold.
Sam is starting to really enjoy and discover his exersaucer. It scared him at first but he is starting to figure it out a little more every day.
He still loves to suck on his thumb. No teeth just yet!
Its cold. My cheeks are rosey.
This is what Sam sees when he visits the baby in the mirror.
Superbowl Sunday was a blast! Our friends Jill and Ryan came over to watch the game.
I'm getting ready for work. Sam's getting ready to go to his babysitter's house.
Sammie and Mommy. You can see how big he has gotten.

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