Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nemo and the Aquarium

1 year, 5 months old. This past month has been a lot of fun as Adam has had some vacation time and we have been able to spend a lot of family time with Sam. We were able to relax with Sam's cousin Micah and his parents (as well as Grandparents) last weekend. Sam has also discovered Finding Nemo and is absolutely infatuated with the little orange and white fish. We took him to the Aquarium which he really enjoyed. Today we were able to go to Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Pat's house where we ate pizza and played in the dirt with worms. Such is the life of our little boy.
 Welcome back!
I have my first official Tonka truck. I love it and play with it daily!
I can now stack block very tall and I like to watch them fall.
I absolutely love to watch Nemo and his friends. I can even say some things from the movie! My parents bought me a Nemo who I now sleep with. He's my friend.
It was Daddy's birthday. I helped him blow out the candles (there were a lot of them).
This is my cousin Micah. He's fun.
I still love story time with Mommy. Its our nightly ritual.
The animals at the aquarium were great! I touched a horseshoe crab and starfish!
We stopped in to see the frogs. Daddy and I took a picture on the same frog as last year.
In the rain forest I was able to feed some birds. Fun!
The shark tank was great! I even saw a ray swim right over me!
The aquarium was great. Can't wait to come back!
I played outside with Grandpa. He showed me a worm from his garden.
 It was a great time seeing my Grandparents. I had a great day!

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