Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June Roundup

1 year, 8 months. Its been over a month since our last post which signifies how busy life has become. Sam is busier than ever and amazes us with his vocabulary. We have been to the zoo, bought a bigger Sammie pool, went on a hike, played with friends and family and much more as you can see below. Life with Sam is a whole lot of fun. He's a great and very sweet kid.
Hi there! Welcome back!

 I got a water table shaped like a pirate ship! Its fun!

I went to the Zoo with Mommy, Daddy and Gan-pa. It was an amazing day!

I got a bigger pool and Daddy built Mommy a garden. I love playing in the pool when its nice outside!
I still play with Mommy's jewelry from time to time.

We went on a hike in the nature preserve. I had a lot of fun but got tired, hungry and cranky.

We went to a local farm where I saw all kinds of animals. I even chased a muster of peacocks!

Grandad helped me feed the "moos" at his farm. I loved it!
Daddy laughed but Mommy bought me a 3 foot duck. He's my buddy!

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