Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting Ready for Sam's First Christmas

Posting over 2 dozen new pictures here of life everyday with our baby Sam. He is continuing to grow and is becoming more vocal. He seems to be more interested in his toys now. He's also fascinated by the other baby in his mirror --- something that is very cute to watch. Leah is going back to work (part-time) and he is going to start going to a babysitter during the day while she is at work. We're looking forward to sharing Christmas with Sam and our families.

Sam supervised Daddy putting up the tree to make sure that I did it correctly.

Sam continues to root on the Bengals but still can't quite say "Who Dey"

You can see how pretty Sam's blue eyes are getting. They get lighter every week.

As you can imagine Sam loves the lights on the Christmas tree.

Sam has really started to suck on his thumb.

Sam is a really happy baby. He is hilarious and cracks us up.

Sam is fascinated by mobiles.

I told you he was hilarious.

He has really been working on his tummy time.

Sam is a pretty good buddy.

We think he's a pretty cute baby.

Leah has really enjoyed her time with Sam while she has been on maternity leave.

Sam and we say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone who reads our blog!


  1. Ahhh! he is adorable. Getting cuter every day. I love the pic with his scrunched nose!

  2. We're gonna need this guy for the 2028 season! Is he good at "dribbling" yet?

  3. That boy looks like a balla! UK2K!!!

  4. He is super cute! Congrats Adam!!
    ~Jessica Easterling