Friday, December 25, 2009

Sam's First Christmas

Sam's first Christmas was a wonderfully busy one. He spent Christmas Eve at Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Pat's --- we were fortunate enough to also have Uncle Ben stop in. Sam got to see Grandma make her famous "Kraut Burgers". Later that evening we opened presents and Sam received a lot of fun things for his bath time. On Christmas Day we woke up at Grandpa Terry and Grandma Billie's and had breakfast with the family. Sam opened his presents from Santa and the family and received even more great gifts. We stopped by his Great-Grandparents "MawMaw" and "PawPaw" before coming back to the Grandparents for dinner. At this point Sam was exhausted as he had over 24 hours of intense family visiting from both sides. It was a great Christmas and one that we will remember forever.

 Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma's was a great way to start Sammie's holiday adventure.

Christmas Day was spent in Owenton where Sam was greeted by a few dozen members of his family.

MawMaw was surprised at how big Sam has gotten. She did a great job rocking him, as always.

Poodle, MawMaw, Billie, Lana and PawPaw enjoyed their Christmas with Sammie.

Sam was really tired but rallied for one more calorie filled meal at Grandma's.

Sam continues to have an infatuation with his "Jungle"

Sam seemed to love his presents --- even the ribbons.

Sam was loaded up and ready to return to his crib by the end of his adventure. He loved seeing his family and had a perfect first Christmas.

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  1. You were a very good baby boy this year. Keep up the good work.