Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A New Year With Sammie

New Years 2010 is here an Sam is now 3 months old. He spent New Years at home with Grandpa Terry and Grandma Billie while his mom and dad went to a New Year's Party at Ryan and Danelle's. Sam received a new play gym as a New Year's present and really likes it in addition to his older play gym. He's starting to sit in his Bumbo with a little help from Mom. He's a big boy, as you can tell.

Daddy is trying to make the same face as Sammie.

Sammie after a bath.

Sam still likes play gym 1.0 and his pack and play.

Sam likes to sleep in this position. Here he is on the couch.
Sam still likes to travel. He likes to sleep in the car.

Grandpa got to spend a little time with the Sam Man on New Years.
Sam still is doing great with his tummy time.

Sam watches football with Daddy like this. He's also becoming a huge John Wall fan.

He's getting better at sitting but still needs a little help.

Sam loves his new play gym. Its an ocean theme.

Sammie on his changing pad.

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