Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost 4 Months Old

Sammie will be 4 months old in a few short days on the 24th. He is starting to chew on his toys more often but no sign of any teeth just yet. He is now playing for longer periods of time and can stand with support for a few seconds. We have been using his bumbo to help him get used to sitting as he will be ready to eat some cereal in a few weeks. He loves it when you sing to him and spends most of the day playing and giggling.

Sam loves to "swim" in his new ocean.

Cheyenne has been sleeping in Sam's room with him more often.

Sam looks great in his UK shirt.

Sam has spent some quality time with Grandpa Terry and Grandma Billie. He's also spent a few Friday's with Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Pat who are babysitting while we are at work.

Sam loves his thumb as much as his binkie now.

Sammie is liking his bouncy chair more lately.

He's ready to go!

There is nothing cuter than babies and puppies --- that is unless the baby doesn't like the puppy.

This is one of our favorite pictures of Sam.

Sam the man.

Sam wore his Colts jersey that uncle Ben gave him to cheer on Peyton Manning.

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  1. Its ok Sam. I won't scare you like those mean puppies.