Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Is Here

6 months, 19 days. Sam is getting a bigger taste of the outdoors now and so far I think he likes it. He also experienced his first Easter complete with Easter Eggs but minus the Easter Bunny (for this year, anyway). We also welcomed our first cousin into the fold with the arrival of baby Houston on April 10th.
Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my blog!
The weather has been great! I'm trying out my hat!
Grandma Pat was here to experience my first taste of squash.
I'm still loving my Chey-Dog. We're fast becoming friends.
I'm really loving peek-a-boo right now. Its funny!
My Dad and I have a great time! I like when he tickles me.
I enjoyed my first Easter. I'm still figuring these eggs out.
Our first family Easter.
Okay, now I get it. You eat these things, right?
Time for a quick nap.
Another nice day!
Hello again!
Sam's first meeting with baby Houston.
I like my Daddy's Japanese maple!
Look at all the colors out here!

Its pretty cool out here!
Its been a great Spring. Can't wait to see what else is in store!


  1. um. the hat is just priceless. I cannot get enough of it!

  2. Are you going to sign with us this year? We need some help in the backcourt.