Saturday, April 24, 2010

7 Months of Sam

7 Months Old. This past week has been a great one as Grandpa and Great-Grandpa visited and a few days later we were graced with Uncle Ben's presence. Sam has also been to Aunt Denise and Uncle Kyle's baby shower. He is "talking" a lot more as you can see in the video below. Still no crawling and no teeth although I am sure both are only a few weeks away.
 Hello everyone! I'm 7 months old today!
My mommy loves me.
I've made a few trips to Adam and Christi's house. 
I'm having fun!
My Grandma is great!
Granddaddy gimme those glasses!
Concentrate - I can do it. I can reach those toys...
 Success. Victory is mine!
Bizzle is getting really friendly. She even checks on me during thunderstorms to make sure I'm safe.
 Uncle Ben came down to visit. He's pretty cool.
My Uncle Ben is pretty funny.
Uncle Ben and my dog. It was a good day.
"DaaDaa" (not to be confused with Dada)

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