Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Jumperoo

7 months, 12 days. A monumental item has entered the world of the Sam man --- the Jumperoo. Purchased for a portion of a day's wages this device has proved to be invaluable in the life of Sam. He took to it immediately and will jump for over an hour (if you will let him). The giggles and squeals are innumerable and it makes us laugh, too. Make sure to view the video of Sam's maiden voyage in the Jumperoo at the end of this post.
I give you: The Jumperoo
I like the dragonfly. It tastes okay too.
This was my first day in the jumperoo. Love at first jump.
Here you can see all the sweet controls. I'm the captain of this baby.
See how I can turn? I have a 360 degree view in this bad boy.
My shirt was weighing me down. I can jump a little higher without it.
I spent some time with baby Houston since my last post. Here I am with my great grandma, Nana, and great aunt.
Granddaddy was helping me jump!
Bizzle is hilarious! I light up when she walks in the room.
Mommy got me a new jogging stroller so that we can run together. I love it!
Just hanging out with my family!
Grandpa came down to watch me on Friday. It was great!
I like play time on the floor.
I like this big brown pigskin.
I am starting to get attached to my blankets.
My experiments with the sippy cup have been a little messy.
I went to my first ever Derby Party. Jessica was a great hostess.
My maiden voyage in the Jumperoo.


  1. That boy has some ups!

  2. Hey, I saw that boy with a football! I bet he can't make it rain in da club like I can!