Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trip to Newport Aquarium

7 months, 21 days. This past week we took Sammie to the aquarium. He loved seeing the bright fish and actually even chased a few around that were close to the glass. He also liked seeing the other kids that were at the aquarium. Overall it was a great family trip and one that we hope to repeat when he's a few years older.
Look at all those fish!
I almost caught this flounder.
We took a pitstop for a little food.
There was so much to see. I liked seeing the other kids, too.
I liked the fish - the more color the better!
We stopped in the rain forest exhibit so that I could sit on the frogs.
The jellyfish were really neat!
The shark tank was pretty interesting.
I'm still loving the jumperoo!
Bizzle lets me tug on her fur. She won't let me chew on her ear though.
I went to Misty's baby shower and had a great time with the family.

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