Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sammie's First Tooth!

9 months, 3 days old. Sammie now has his first tooth on the bottom in the front! It came through about a week ago and is slowly becoming more visable. Surprisingly he hasn't seemed fussy with his new tooth. He continues to like to "walk" around the house. He went to his 9 month check-up at his pediatrician and he is 95th percentile for height and 50th percentile for weight. Today we went and visited 2 of the new babies in the family --- cousin Houston and cousin Micah (who was born just 3 days ago).
I have my first tooth!
Mom and Dad bought me my first car. I am still getting the hang of it.
Dad and I like to play outside.
I tried out my rocking horse.
I love to "walk". I'll do it all day as long as someone helps me.
Bizzle and I are still friends although I am starting to get a little rough.
My mom is fun!
I'm trying out all kinds of new and exciting foods these days.
I went to Ty's 1 year old birthday party.
Mom got me a new ball and it made my day.
All the grandbabies were together for the first time - Houston, me and Micah.


  1. Finally. I've been waiting for this news.

  2. Beautiful mom's with their beautiful babies. =)