Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Fun Weekend

11 months, 5 days old. We're counting down the days to Sam's 1 year birthday by spending a lot of time with family and friends. Sam has been able to hang out with his cousins and also was able to "run" through the sprinkler for the first time. He is getting much better at communicating and is jibber jabbering even more. He can also walk between us by himself but hasn't gotten brave enough to try to walk alone. He's continues to crawl and is into absolutely everything because he's turning into a curious energetic little boy.
I was really tired after a 3 hour nap.
Sometimes I make toys out of just about anything. Here I am playing with the legs of my highchair.
I really like my cousins Micah and Houston.
It was great to see mommy's family at Nana's birthday get-together!
My daddy is pretty funny!
I have started to like my sunglasses. Don't I look cool?
Today I played in the sprinkler. It was a blast!

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