Monday, September 13, 2010

My First Haircut

11 months, 20 days old. In preparation for Sam's first birthday he received his first haircut. He also continued his fascination of balloons. He's getting pretty good at crawling and climbing.
My daddy let me drink some water out of his bottle. It was fun!
My dad let me try on his hat. How do I look?
I can climb!
My grandma came to watch me and it was fun!
I had my first haircut. It wasn't too bad.
The best part about my haircut is they gave me my favorite thing in the world - a balloon!
My mom gave me a few new toys. Still trying to figure out the round green one.
My yellow balloon popped so my Daddy brought me home a new one from the hospital. I didn't let it go for over 2 days. I even ate and took a bath with it.

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