Monday, September 13, 2010

Sam's First (of 2) Birthday Party!!!

11 months, 20 days old. Yesterday we had the first of 2 birthday parties for Sam. This one was for family and his next party will be for friends. He had an absolutely awesome time as you can see below. Today was perhaps the coolest day so far for us as parents because he started to walk all by himself!!!
Its my birthday party!
Daisy and I shared our love for rocks.
I had plenty of people help me to "walk" around the yard.
Everyone was so excited to see me. It was great!
Crosby is getting pretty big.
Mom did a great job decorating and making my construction cake!
My cake was delicious!
It was great to see all the family at my party.
After cake it was time to open my presents. Thank you everyone!
After cake we watched the Bengals play (and get beat. Again.)
My grandparents are fantastic.
The next day something came over me. I began to walk on my own!!!!!
I was everywhere and all on my own! It was awesome!
I'm off!!! Wow this is great!!!
After all that walking I was tired. Luckily I never let go of my balloons!

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