Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sam's 2nd First Birthday

1 year, 0 months old. We wrapped up Sam's birthday extravaganza by having his second birthday party for his first birthday. This party was mainly attended by his little friends. We also took him to a petting zoo which was met with mixed emotions from the Sam man. He continues to walk more and is getting faster and more coordinated every day.
 Hello everyone! Welcome back!
 It was great seeing some family at my second 1st birthday.
 Yum! Icing!
 This is my friend Arya. She's really nice.

 My mom made me another construction cake. It was tasty!

 Dad took us on wagon rides. It was fun!
 Ty and I shot some hoops.
 I'm still a little climber.

 We went to the petting zoo. I didn't like it as much as Mom and Dad thought I would.
 I tried on my UK hat.
 I like to climb inside my toy basket now.
 I like pushing my cooler in front of me when I walk.
 Here I am with my cousin Micah.
 I like climbing on my cousin Guy.
 My great uncle Pat and I shared another birthday cake.
 I can throw my football while I walk!

I still am infatuated with my dog.

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