Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sam Goes to the Zoo and Pumpkin Patch

1 year, 0 months. So far this week we have gone to the pumpkin patch and zoo. First we went to the pumpkin patch and Sam helped us pick out some pumpkins and gourds for the fall. Yesterday we went with Grandma to the Cincinnati Zoo and Sam absolutely loved it --- although I think he liked seeing the little kids as much as the animals.

The pumpkin patch was great!
There was a horse there. I'm starting to like them a little more.
The wagons were a lot of fun. I helped Mom and Dad pick out the perfect pumpkins.
Here we all are at the pumpkin patch!
Pumpkins are fun!
I am getting tall!
I now have my own toothbrush since I have a few teeth!
I liked this alligator statue at the zoo. I tried to feed it my sock.
This gorilla was funny looking!
Daddy and I really liked these goats.
The animals were awesome. These elephants were pretty cool.
Its just my size.
Grandma and I had a blast!

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