Thursday, October 28, 2010

My New Ride

13 months. Since our last post we have been busy as usual. We went to the World Equestrian Games with the family and although Sam didn't really watch the horses he still had a great time. We also bought bikes for mom and dad and a Burley trailor for Sam (which pulls behind one of the bikes). We have taken Sam out in his new ride and he really likes it so far. He also now has 2 additional teeth and has a 5th tooth coming in as well. He can now almost run around the house and is getting better at saying his favorite (and first) word: baa-woon (balloon).

Mom and Dad bought me a sweet new ride. I love it!
We went to the horse games. There were lots of stairs to climb and I even found a few new friends.
My uncle Ben came down to stay with me for the weekend. It was great seeing him! He brought me a volleyball.
I like being naked!
I am starting to ride my rocking horse.
Eating is fun. But mom and dad say I make a mess.
I went home to the farm and had a great time.
This is a sneak peek of my Halloween costume.

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