Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sam's Second Halloween

1 year 1 month. Sam celebrated his second Halloween and had a lot of fun. He struggled with his costume at first but eventually warmed up to it. He was able to visit his neighbors and hand out candy to the kids. Sam can now say "bye" and wave when you leave. He loves to crawl up the furniture --- especially his new "Sam sized" chair.
Happy belated Halloween!
It was fun learning how to carve a jack o' lantern!
I tried my lion costume and at first hated it...
... then adjusted and had a great time!
I wanted to show Dillon and Jorden my great costume so I headed next door.
To my surprise they were in costume too!
I transformed from a lion to become a skeleton to hand out some treats!
 Halloween was fun but pretty tiring.
My Dad and I like to build skyscrapers out of mega blocks. I'm pretty good at stacking them.
I tried on my Dino feet and liked them so much I did laps around the house!
What do you think of my new Sammie chair? I love it!

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