Thursday, December 9, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

1 year, 2 months. Its been a few weeks since our last post because we have been busy. Its cold here and we have a little bit of snow which Sam enjoys. We have put up our Christmas tree but are only able to decorate the top half because a little someone would destroy anything within reach. Sam now can say 4 or 5 words, can wave "bye" and can even use sign language when he wants "more". He is a whole lot of fun.
Hi guys! Welcome to my blog!
I like to try on daddy and mommy's shoes and walk around the house in them.
One of my favorite new places to hang out is in the bathroom sink. I fit perfectly!
Mom and Dad put up the Christmas tree. I love all the lights.
The tree is really big. It needs something on the top.
Daddy helped me put the star on top of the tree. It was awesome!
I listened to Daddy explain how to hang an ornament on the tree.
I had so much fun putting the star on the tree the first day that we did it again on the second day.
I watched Mommy eat a bowl of cereal like this. I tried to eat my strawberries the same way (it didn't work very well).

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