Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bengal Day #2 for Sam

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Sunday was another great day for Sam as he saw (okay he actually slept through) his second Bengals win. He spent the majority of his afternoon with Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Pat.

Sam spent the morning sleeping in his bassinet and the majority of his afternoon sleeping on everyone's laps.


Sam felt right at home in Grandpa's lap.

Grandma was able to get Sam calmed down pretty quickly. He also started watching the ceiling fan for the first time today.

Grandpa is pretty excited about his new grandson!

These are 2 of Adam's baby pictures. This is why Adam calls Sam his "little clone" or even "mini-me" at times.


  1. I had no idea you had a blog about Sam until Amy told me this morning, so I have been procrastinating here in the office, looking at pics of the little man. He is SO adorable! I know you must be so in love! I want to come by later this week and see him and bring you all some dinner. Seems like all is going good, keep up the good work! Give him a smooch for me :)

  2. Look at the proud Grandpa and Grandma!