Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Growing Boy

Its been a busy week for us for different reasons --- mom is busy tending to Sam and his ongoing growth spurt while dad is busy with work. Sam has grown out of some of his clothes and is starting to fill out. We are looking forward to spending our first Halloween together as a family.

Smile Sam!

I'm getting Sam used to what a football looks like (just in case UK needs him this year)

Our good friend Jessica stopped by this week.  I wasn't present the whole time she was here but I heard Sam was a hit!

Sam is a really good baby. So far he only really cries when he gets hungry.

One of Sam's favorite places to hang out is his changing pad - he loves it there. You can see how his little arms, legs and especially his belly have filled out. Leah is doing a wonderful job making him into a bigger little man.

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