Saturday, October 17, 2009

Busy Week

Sam has had a very good and very busy week. He is eating and sleeping better than last week. He has had a bunch of visitors this week including his Aunt Bethany and Uncle Ben.

Sam's umbilical cord fell off this past week so he has now received a few big boy baths!

Sam has really started to enjoy his bouncy chair!

We've tried out Sam's crib to see how he fits (he fits great!) although he still sleeps in our bedroom in his bassinet.

Sam loves to watch football with daddy.

Mom is getting pretty good at trimming Sam's nails.

He sometimes does this. We're not sure why.

Aunt Denise and Grandma Billie came by this week.

Mom tried out a new carrier today. Sam liked it.

Daddy bought Sam some really cool dinosaur socks.

Aunt Bethany, Uncle Ben, Grandpa Dennis and Grandma Pat stopped by for a few hours to meet and greet the latest edition to the clan.

Sam was really glad to see Poodle.


  1. Dear Li'l Fella,

    It is sooo good to see you getting bigger and that you are eating as well as sleeping better.

    God Bless,
    Mudita & Pradeep

  2. Leah and Adam, once again Congratulations to both of you!!