Monday, March 22, 2010

2 Days till 6 months Old

5 months, 29 days. We're closing in on a big "birthday" milestone of 6 months and are looking forward to it. Sammie has enjoyed a few more walks now that he is able to sit face first in his stroller without the carrier. He is trying new foods such as banana in his cereal with limited success. He is now able to easily roll over and crawling probably isn't too far away. He sits up easily and is pretty strong. His favorite thing in the world continues to be Cheyenne and he lights up when he sees her.
I still love my feet and socks. Sometimes I chew on them.
Mom and Dad got me a helium balloon. I love it.
Feet in the air!
  Nanna fed me some nanners.
Daddy has been in the CCU on overnight call every 4 days but I have still been able to spend time with him.
Hi there!
Sometimes I still prefer my thumb.
I like my new friend Lottie. This is our first playdate.
The weather is nice so I have been on more walks. Face forward now!
I still love my jungle except that now I sit up in it sometimes to play.
I can now "spin" my high chair toy. A few weeks ago I couldn't even reach it!
I'm still learning how to do this whole eating thing...

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